About us...

We are in Sardinia, northern Gallura, Palau, where wind and granite condition the environment, but also very close to the largest cork forests in Italy.

We come from very different work experiences that have nothing to do with cork and printing, but when we looked around, we had no doubts: we wanted to reinvent the use of cork with the help of technology and our personal taste.

What we do...

We make everyday objects from cork, which can be in its natural state, cut very thin and laminated to various substrates, or in the form of compacted chips.

We decorate them with images that can excite visitors to your store and induce them to take a memento of their vacation for themselves or their friends.

As superartisans, we try to be as original as possible to create something suberutileand suberbalefor your customers.

We all know the source material, we find it in bottle caps, it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree that regenerates itself, does not undergo polluting treatments and can be recycled. In Sardinia it abounds and has always been used.

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If you are interested in cooperating with us, please write to this address and we will get back to you as soon as possible: info@suberartigianato.com

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  • Trivet

    The cork trivet is an indispensable accessory at the table and in the kitchen; it is always useful to have one on hand.
    Decorated with eye-catching images, it is able to convey emotions to those who receive it as a gift. When it is not on the table, it can be leaned against or hung on the wall making the room personal and warm.
    Thanks to its closed-cell structure, cork is a natural insulator that has been used for millennia and can withstand the high temperatures of cooking pots and pans.

  • Coasters

    The main purpose of the coaster is to absorb the condensation droplets that form on the surface of glasses containing cold drinks. This is why cork with its porosity is perfect for protecting the table.
    With the addition of printing, our coaster becomes an accessory that can make any event personal and cozy, from dinner with friends to drinks at home. It can also be used as a simple place card.

  • Sub-bottle

    The cork bottle holder is useful for protecting the tablecloth from drips running down the bottles, but also for defining where to pick them up and place them on the table.
    Whether it's a witty image or text, it communicates original style in an incisive and permanent way thanks to vivid colors and water-resistant printing.

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  • Earrings

    Pair of ultralight earrings made from a material composed of a thin layer of natural cork on a transparent, durable backing. The characteristic velvety, irregular texture of the cork makes each piece unique.
    The hooks are rhodium-plated brass to minimize the risk of allergic reactions or sensitization.
    The print on the pair of earrings reproduces two different details of famous works.
    That's why the two earrings are not the same!

  • Keychain

    Classic keychain with large spring circle made new and original by the material used and the variety of designs offered.

    The material from which it is made takes advantage of cork's unique property of allowing itself to be cut into very thin sheets. These sheets are then glued to a cotton backing that gives it the necessary strength and endless (or nearly endless) possibilities for use.

  • Bracelet / Necklace

    Original and versatile accessory that can be exploited either as a choker, using it along its entire length, or as a bracelet, twisting it twice around the wrist. Easy to open and close thanks to the powerful magnets contained in the two cork balls placed at the ends and made more playful by the third cork ball that can slide to be positioned as desired.

Let's stay in touch

You can find our products at these retailers:

  •  La Maddalena - Ciocca crafts
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura - Craft Margherita
  • Alghero - Tabaccheria del Corso
  • Castelsardo - Craft Pavilion
  • Olbia - Handicraft Center
  • Cagliari Airport - Relay
  • Golfo Aranci - Coral House